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Commonly confused words: child-like and childish (and man-like, mannish, woman-like and womanish)

Child-like or childish? These two words look alike but they actually mean opposite things. Child-like means all the good things about children: child-like innocence, child-like wonder, child-like joy, child-like freedom.  You can remember it easily as all the things to like about childhood. But childish means all the things to dislike about children: childish tantrum,

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Verbs as Nouns: participles and gerunds—grammatical chameleons

Verbs as nouns Some words are like amphibious vehicles that can be both a boat and a truck: the same basic word form is equally at home behaving in very different ways One of the confusing aspects of English is that the same word can act as different parts of speech, or change the function

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Verbs: do – the emphatic, questioning and negative auxiliary

Do: the neglected third auxiliary verb In special situations, including where we want to give our verb extra strength or emphasis, we use a third auxiliary verb to power our sentences: the verb to do Verbs are often defined as doing, being and having words, as I discussed in an earlier post. While the special

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