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But versus however: or conjunctions and conjunctives – what’s the difference?

It’s simple. If you are trying to choose whether to use but or however, choose the bold but over the weak, wimpy however – every single time. If I could choose just one topic in grammar where I could way a magic wand and have my way, it is this: the issue of using but

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Subordinating conjunctions: the on-ramps of sentence constuction

Subordinating conjunctions: what they do and how they differ from coordinating conjunctions In my post on coordinating conjunctions, I explained how that group of conjunctions joins shorter sentences together in a way that balances the two original sentences, leaving them of equal importance in the new sentence. Subordinating conjunctions also join shorter sentences into longer

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Can you start a sentence with ‘so’? Coordinating conjunctions

Coordinating conjunctions What do coordinating conjunctions do? Conjunctions, as a group, are like road junctions: they are where sentences join. Coordinating conjunctions, one of the two categories of conjunctions, resemble an intersection with a roundabout; they join the roads in a way where all roads are equal. No way in or out of the roundabout

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