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But versus however: or conjunctions and conjunctives – what’s the difference?

It’s simple. If you are trying to choose whether to use but or however, choose the bold but over the weak, wimpy however – every single time. If I could choose just one topic in grammar where I could way a magic wand and have my way, it is this: the issue of using but

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Adverbs: comparing adverbs and when to hyphenate

Comparing adverbs In the same way that we can compare adjectives, we can compare adverbs. When we have two actions being compared, we use the comparative form of the adverb. When three or more actions are compared, we use the superlative form of the adverb. For short (one-syllable) adverbs – which tend to the irregular

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Conjunctive adverbs: 15 words you never need to use

Conjunctive adverbs are one of the new categories of adverbs created by modern grammarians. Most of these words fit into the traditional grammar categories of adverbs of reason or degree. The recognition of conjunctive adverbs is the main reason I disagree with modern grammar! In modern grammar, conjunctive adverbs, sometimes called sentence connectors by other

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